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Christo A.
Christo A.
Pyrmont, NSW

We run an I.T business and do quite a bit of contracting work with various government bodies. The terms are usually 30 days and most of the time things are ok but we are keen to accelerate our growth plans and would like to investigate business finance options such as debtor finance. Will lenders look at an I.T business for finance?

7 years ago


Hi Christo,

There are lots of circumstances to look at, not just the type of business. The strength of the business is also a key factor. Whenever you look at borrowing, every loan or deal is done on a case by case basis.

There could be a number of different solutions for you, but will just depend on the lender and their terms and whether is makes commercial sense for you to proceed.


Hi Christo,
As Scott Juda said above, each business case is assessed individually according to its ability to repay. The stronger the business or assets, the better the rate will be. There are a number of “invoice financing” products that could work for you that assess your clients ability to pay rather than your own.
Feel free to give me a call
Kind regards

Hi There,

Debtor finance is a good way to assist a service industry business. There are several forms including non disclosed and disclosed.

However, beware of the charges. There is a line fee, a drawdown fee, an interest component. When you end up evaluating it all it can look to costs you only 8% but end up costing you over 20%.

If you own property then you would usually be able to get a business loan or a personal loan.

Hope that helped.



Hi Andrew - do banks offer debtor finance or are there other options

Hi Christo,

There are a lot of new lenders in the marketplace who specialise in business finance solutions for both secured and unsecured loans.
The outcome and which lender will depend on the strength and asset / liability position you are in. Even though a lot of mainstream lenders may balk at lending, many new lenders have entered the market in the last 12-24 mths to fill this gap and growing demand.


Thanks John, how can I find out what the new lenders offer?

Do you you have a preferred finance broker? If not I can highly recommend Michelle Ivanov. She is excellent with complex scenarios. I do a lot of work with her. I’m happy to assist you in any way I can.

Christo, if you give me a call, I’ll speak to a few specialist lenders I know, for you. John - 0434.544.225

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