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Lea J.
Lea J.
Sydney, NSW

I was recently involved in an accident. It was on a wet day after a long dry spell so roads were slippery. After entering a roundabout we lost control of our car came to a stop but the person behind ran into us. We are uninsured because our car was an old car not worth insuring. We have received a claim from the other persons insurance. Are we liable to pay their costs? In my opinion it was an unfortunate accident although I do believe the other person had time to stop.

4 years ago

I also want to add there was a police car about three cars behind the car that hit us. He did get out and offer assistance but wasn't concerned about anything other than helping move our car and making sure everyone was ok.


Ok should talk to a lawyer. Generally if they hit you from your behind they are at fault.

Were you facing the correct way when you were hit?

Sorry cannot help more.



We had done a 180 came to a stop facing the centre of the roundabout. We took the majority of the impact on the drivers door.

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