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Gunter T.
Gunter T.
Noosa Heads, QLD

I am thinking of buying a large motor home which was owned by a GST registered company I was told if I have a GST registered business I would be able to recoup the GST amount from the purchase price?
Kind Regards GT

6 years ago


If you are registered for GST and the asset is used in the enterprise, then you could claim the GST on the purchase.
the ATO takes a very dim view of people who register for GST to make bogus claims for large capital items to be used for private or domestic purposes. And the likelihood of someone from the ATO writing you a 'please explain" letter after you claim $15,000 back on your new motor home is very high.

There are not many businesses that use a motor home as part of the day to day running of the business:)

so the moral of the story is yes you can but be prepared for the resulting review by the ATO.


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