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Kraig D.
Kraig D.
Port Sorell, TAS

My daughter is a second year apprentice earning $10 per hour. She has just started doing a second job working in a bar and they are not taking any tax out of her $600 approx a month she earns from this.
Will she get a tax bill ??

3 years ago


probably. $10/hr translates to something like $20k. The tax free threshold is $18200, so everything over that will attract some income tax. She will need to consider what things she can claim against her two jobs, so I would recommend a chat with a CA or CPA to give her some tips on what she needs to keep an eye on.
as a rule of thumb her best bet is to keep receipts and document things if she thinks she might be able to claim something. If she has the receipt and the accountant says yes, then great.
If she has no receipts then no one can claim anything
good luck

Hi Kraig,
The short answer is yes. At that rate she would earn $28,000 in a full year less any allowable deductions. This would attract about $1900 in tax in a full year but will be less in this current year as it isn't a full 12 months.

Hi There

She cannot claim the tax free threshold at 2 jobs at the same time. They should be taking tax out. Get her to sign a new Tax Dec Form.


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