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Kevin C.
Kevin C.
Strathpine, QLD

I own my own house and car outright and need $15000 to set up a new business. How can I borrow $15000 to get started?

6 years ago


Hi Kevin,

$15,000 is a bit low for a mortgage from most banks so your best option would be a personal loan that is secured by your car to get a slightly better rate.

You will need to meet the lending critera (e.g. have some sort of income currently and have good credit history) to be able to get a personal loan.

If you require some additional help or advice in this area feel free to contact me directly.

Nathan Osinski
Osinski Finance

Hi Kevin,
You can borrow $15,000 for a mortgage if you wish to. There are a number of lenders who start at $10,000. You could borrow over 3 years of you wanted to make sure that you paid the loan off quickly or stretch the term out to reduce the repayments.
I would recommend that you sit with your accountant and do a very thorough cash flow projection and ensure that you don't have to go back to the bank once you are in your business.
Best of luck

Yes and you have a few different options, being a home loan, a personal loan or a business loan. Call me for a confidential chat about different scenarios. I can also help with getting the loan application Approved!

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