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Adrian B.
Adrian B.
Concord, NSW

I got my first home loan when Aussie Home Loans first started and undercut the banks. One of my kids is about to buy their first home and I was wondering if there was a new non-bank doing what Aussie did many years ago?

3 years ago


Hi Adrian, there are currently many non-banks offering lower rates than the banks. However, most the time interest rates are determined by other factors such as loan amount, loan to value ratio etc. which can vary depending on your circumstances. It would be best to speak to a broker to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

Feel free to contact me through my profile. I also live in Concord and my office is in Five Dock. Happy to have a chat anytime.

Hi Adrian,
There are now several non bank lenders and credit unions in the market all offering rates around 3.65% for First home Buyers which are well under the Banks current rates.

Feel free to call us for an obligation free quote

hi Adrian
there are several second tier lenders that have rates for unoccupied properties which are around the 3.85% which is less than most of the banks. if you would like my information don't hesitate to give me a call.

Hi Adrian,

Firstly Congratulations, I'd imagine your home loan is either paid off or very close to.

When Aussie Home Loans launched, they were Australia's first non-bank lender and really shook up the market place by undercutting most of the competition substantially. Since then, in 2002 they re-positioned themselves as a mortgage broker.

These days, there is certainly no shortage of Mortgage Brokers to choose from. The home loan market place can also be overwhelming to compare yourself with so many different options and "buzz words" floating around. A good mortgage broker should take the time to understand your kid's situation before comparing all the options available and it should not cost them any more than if you went directly to a lender yourself.

You have been offered plenty of help here but if you would like to have a chat, I would love to hear where your kid is up to, their goals and what they're trying to do. I have access to over 40 bank and non-bank lenders to compare and find a solution and strategy that is right for your family.


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