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GiGi L.
GiGi L.
Thornleigh, NSW

Where can i appeal against the decision of a Deed Administrator (Deed of Company Administration) about my claim against a company? The Administrator was appointed by the Company. If we also want to complain the Administrator, which authority should we approach? The Administrator, the Company and us are based in Sydney, NSW.

3 years ago


You should talk to a lawyer. The deed of company arrangement is governed by the Corporations Act. For example s 600A of the Corporations Act allows the Court to set aside a resolution where the outcome of voting has been determined by a related entity of the company in administration.

Hi GiGi

Sorry to hear of your predicament. I'd recommend you getting in touch with LegalVision - you can find out more about them through this link - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1240/legalvision

LegalVision is an online and on-demand Legal Firm who I think might be able to steer you in the right direction.

All the best


3 years ago

Do we have to lodge our objection to Supreme Court ? We asked the Administrator to advise us on the procedure but they play dead. Is it legal for them to withhold this info? The Administrator from day 1 excluded us from all creditor meetings...


Ok administrators and liquidators are governed by ASIC.

If you have an issue then contact ASIC.

Do a search on the administrator as they may have a history of being in trouble.

You should have received details
Of the meetings and a proof of debt. However only if the Director listed you as a creditor would you have been notified.

Hope that helps.


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