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Julia J.
Julia J.
Silverwater, NSW

My car has been hitten by another car while I was waiting for the traffic light about 10days ago. I only have third party cover insurance, car driver who hitted my car said it is company car so he will submit the form when he goes to work. I’ve contacted insurance company which that car has insured, but they are saying there is no claim have been submitted. I contacted the driver but he is saying that he submitted the form to cfo, nothing he can do at the moment. What should I do now?

7 years ago



You may need to report it to the police and get a report number as a record,
You also need to claim against his insurance if you can.

thank you

Hi there,

First instance I would complete an online police incident report stating the facts as you see them.

Next point of call would be to contact the CFO directly and find out what is happening.

Falling all that You can go and get a quote for your car to be repaired now and provide the other drivers insurance details to your panel beater who, before commencing work, should contact the insurance company for you.

Good luck


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