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I use a vehicle for my job as I am required to travel to multiple sites each day, and I am also required to carry around a stepladder as well as multiple tools and safety equipment. Am I allowed to claim tax deductions on toll roads traveling to and from my first and last site of the day, as well as travelling between sites? Cheers.

3 years ago


Hi Alex,
Typically you cannot claim from home to the first place of work, but you can claim if you are required to travel to a second site during the day. I would recommend that you discuss this with your accountant and ensure that you get the maximum allowable deductions
Best regards

Hi Alex,

The work to home home to work rule is true but does not apply in your case.

There are 2 things here.

1. Different sites non-regular. If you go to a non-regular work site then the cost to this place is deductible. So if you travel a lot you are ok. If however, the site becomes regular then no you cannot claim.

2. Yes if you carry something bulky for work then yes the whole trip is deductible.

Hope this helps.

Use the log book method as you will have a better deduction as opposed to cents per kilometer.


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