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Rebecca  J.
Rebecca J.
East Killara, NSW

I am looking for a small business tax adviser that understands fintech startups and the concessions and grants that are available and also research and development in investment start up businesses?

3 years ago



We were made for each other. I have a Msc in e-commerce as well as accounting qualifications. I have got clients R & D grants and we can meet at the greengate at Killara to strategise.;)

Contact me ..


Hi Rebecca

Congratulations on your new business, an exciting time no doubt.

Kelly + Partners is an ASX listed Chartered Accounting Network with 12 offices throughout NSW and one in Hong Kong, and a number of specialists in the areas you’ve identified in your question. Our head office is close by at North Sydney and we have one at Brookvale also.

As a coordinated network we’d love to meet with you to discuss the business, outline the options available and hopefully build a working partnership together.

Best wishes


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