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Daniela G.
Daniela G.
Geebung, QLD

I am a graduate accountant who is interested in commencing either the CA or CPA programs. The only thing that is holding me back is finding an external mentor. Unfortunately, in the company that I currently work none of my managers are accredited.
How can I find an accredited mentor?

3 years ago


Hi Daniela,
The association that you are applying for membership of should have a bank of mentors that you could meet with and choose from? Try the state chapter of each and see how you go.
Good on you for committing to further development

Hi Daniela

Call CPA and the Institute. I know CPA charges a few if they find one for you but you can find your own aswell.

Maybe talk to a lecturer that you know to see if they know anyone. All you need is to find a CPA or a CA. thats all the qualifications they need to do the mentoring.


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