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Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Wantirna South, VIC

My husband and I are starting a new business. We had to declare estimated salaries for employees for the rest of the financial year. We guess it might be approx 120k however now have decided to payroll all staff through an agency and staff will be covered by agency workcover. Will we still get a bill from workcover at the end of the financial year??

3 years ago


Hi Sarah

With WorkCover you pay estimate WorkCover during the year and at end of year you declare actual wages and reconcile what you had to pay with what you have actually paid.

If you had over declared the wages and overpaid the WorkCover, you get refunded the excess.

Hope that helps.

Hi Sarah,
Given the example you have described, no, you will not get a workcover bill at the end of the year as you are not paying wages.
Best of luck

OK Workcover is very interesting and you can get stuck paying it for contractors.

Generally you cant get stung twice hence if you are using an agency and they are covering it and it is included in your rate they charge then no I doubt you will get a bill.


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