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Angela A.
Angela A.
Ardeer, VIC

Hi just wanting to know what the best investment options for about $150-$200k. Was thinking a long term investment account but what would be the best way to go with that. Also I currently receive a pension so it would have to be within what I could earn in interest which is I think is approx. $200 per week. What do you
consider to be my best options?

3 years ago


Hi Angela,

That's a hard question to answer without knowing more about your situation. A term deposit may be appropriate or shares may be appropriate, can't tell without knowing your overall situation.

Regarding the pension. The investment would be deemed, so the interest you earn on the investment won't matter. Centrelink will only assess the deemed amount on the investment.


3 years ago

I'm not sure what a deemed investment is? and wouldn't the interest be considered income for the Centrelink purposes. I wouldn't want payments to change.


Angela, what is meant by deemed income is that Centrelink will deem your investment to earn an income at prescribed rates, regardless of how much the investment actually earns. So if you are single and have no other financial assets, the $200,000 would be deemed to earn $5,747 per annum.

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