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Sheree J.
Sheree J.
Healesville, VIC

My husband is 63 and I am 61. We are both retired, my husband at 54/11 with a defined benefit superannuation pension. I retired at 59 due to if health. My portion of superannuation is approx. $100,000 and out financial advisor is suggestion we invest in La Trobe direct mortgage fund. I would then receive any interest earned paid to me each month.

What are your thoughts on this?

Sheree C

10 months ago


Hi Sheree

Any financial adviser would need to consider you personal risk profile to determine the most appropriate investment product for you. I am not a licensed financial adviser and cannot provide investment advice. I am a mortgage broker who is licensed to give credit advice only.

In my opinion, a mortgage fund like the one you mention above, would probably be considered a fit for a Growth to High Growth investor profile. The mortgage fund invests in a portfolio of La Trobe Financial mortgages. La Trobe Financial has been in the market as a lender for a long time and their mortgages generally target clients who are finding it difficult to find a mortgage with the banks.

I do not have any idea on you and your partners financial position, but I would suggest that given your age and superannuation balance you would more likely to fall into a Conservative, Moderate or Balanced risk profile. In which case, a fund that invests in a portfolio of fixed interest investments would be more suitable to those risk profile, provide less risk but as a trade off a lower return.

Hope that helps.

Hi Sheree,

If the $100k is the remainder of your retirement savings, outside of your husbands defined benefit pension, I wouldn't be putting all of it in any one investment. Regardless of how good it sounds. The old don't put all your eggs in one basket.

As with the comments above it's hard to provide much more without sitting down with you to understand your overall financial situation & needs during retirement.

Also, whenever I hear of someone finishing work early due to ill health, I dig a bit deeper. Depending on the severity of your ill health you may be able to claim on insurance benefits in your super fund. Have you explored this?


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