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Rhonda T.
Rhonda T.
Waikiki, WA

Can you please tell me if older brother is the main person to our father's estate, if any details decisions are to be made, does he not have to consult the rest of his siblings concerning renting our dad's house out. As no one consults me on anything?

4 years ago


There is more information needed to be able to answer this. I suggest you consult a lawyer and take with you any documents you have including the will. You are probably entitled to get a copy of the will for yourself ( you are in Queensland, I have not checked WA laws).

Hi There

Not a Lawyer so this is NOT legal advice.

Generally the deceased would have nominated a person or persons, through their will, to be the Executor.

Has an Executor been nominated? Have you done Probate? Maybe as Patrick said have a look and go and see a lawyer. In the first instance see who has been named as the Executor.


4 years ago

Yeah he was appointed executor 4 years ago and has done nothing about dad's affairs, and bills have esacalated, now has said he wants everyone to pay up for these. After 4 years of no contact. And wants to rent house out. And he has said it's his wife's decision wether we say so or not.
I'm gobsmacked, and at my wit's end as to what to do. The lawyer we had in place he got rid of a few years back so yes again I had no idea. They live in NZ I am in Australia.

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