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My partner and I are currently in a long distance relationship of 3.5 years. He resides in Samoa where he has completed his diploma in electronics and a certificate in Cisco IT Program provided by the National University of Samoa. I am currently working part time and full time study Bach of Arts/Law at uni. I'm desperate to find a way to bring my partner to Australia on a permanent basis where we can live together and for him to be able to work.He has visited Aus twice. Cananyone help us please?

5 years ago


Hi Maua

Thank you for your question. The best advice I could offer is to refer you to the Department of Immigration website that provides the information you’ll need to work through.


It might be worthwhile to find a migration expert that can help you understand all that’s required and work through the application with you.


I hope this helps

All the best


Dear Maua,
We have an immigration division at one of my Law Firms. Perhaps a conversation with one of my team may be beneficial?
If so, please look up my profile and make contact with Patrick, Ross or Adrienne at Visa Easy (A division of Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers).

Thanks Maua

Graham Doessel

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