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Tips and Advice Before Buying Commode And Toilet Accessories

Kelly Paul | July 01, 2020

As we get older in our lives we face the problem of losing our body balance or strength. And this is reason why we can make simple things like lifting heavy items, using the toilet, etc. difficult. Besides due to the problem of limited mobility, the aged and disabled people always face the risk of getting injured while using the toilet.

We understand the importance of mobility aids in the lives of aged and disabled people very well and therefore always available to help you avoid any such injuries; we have introduced toileting aids that will make visits of these immobility people to the toilet more comfortable and practical.

Commode Chairs

Despite being immobility, being able to live independently and look after oneself is important for almost everyone, especially in the situation when it comes to personal hygiene. Thanks to advancement in assistive technology that has introduced a commode chair. This type of chair is helpful to go to the toilet without any type of external help.

In real words, we can say that commode chairs have proved a boon to those who are unable to cover the distance to the bathroom due to disability or any other reason. There is also no need to worry about the waste as there is a pan attached to the removable commode. that means when required, you can easily empty its contents.

Take A Look On Some Common Types Of Commode Chairs:

Portable: As the name suggests these types of toilets are foldable and flexible enough for you to carry them anywhere. Most of the portable chairs come with wheels.

Static: Static type of commode chairs available without wheels. Besides the static type of commode chairs usually comes with the feature of detachable arms for mobility.

Bariatric: This kind of toilet chair has specially designed for heavier individuals and this type of commode chair can carry up to 600 pounds by providing enough space for the person to use it comfortably. In this way, this type of toilet chair can be the best alternate for adults who want to do their daily living tasks independently.

Padded Toilet Seats

There are great numbers of people who are associated with the padded toilet seat due to increased comfort. Beyond comfort, padded toilet seats equipped with other advantages as well. This type of toilet seat is adaptable for all age groups and therefore it can be useful for people with slight disabilities or reduced mobility. These are the portable seats that people of all ages can place on their toilet seats for improved comfort.

Before making the final selection in padded toilet seats, always consider the shape of your toilet. There are different shapes of toilet seats such as round, elongated, etc. it is always good to consider your toilet shape sot that you can buy the right choice accordingly.

Advantages Of Choosing Padded Toilet Seats

Provides Comfort

One of the great benefits of choosing padded seats is that they are providing a soft seating area. On the other hand, a hard toilet seat is usually cold; padded toilet seats have cushion cover over on top and therefore it provides warmth. Apart from that, padded toilet seats can be beneficial for people recovering from surgery or childbirth as their transfers to and from wheelchairs or shower benches can be difficult.

Easy to set up

The other benefit of choosing padded toilet seats is its easy fits over toilets in the same way as standard toilet seats. In short no need to follow extra steps to install them.

Easy to clean

Padded toilet seats come with elevated seats and armrests and therefore it becomes much easy for elderly people to make their bathroom visits comfortable. Besides, padded toilet seats are easy to maintain due to removable padding or cushions.

Adjustable Toilet Frames

Aged and disabled people who are using padded toilet seat then they have features of adjustable toilet frames that fit around the toilet and provide valuable support to the users. These toilet frames are adjustable in width and height and therefore in case of toilet users want to elevate their toilet seat, they can place the toilet frame around it. Padded toilet seats help the elderly or those people who are living with limited mobility. Adjustable toilet frames helpful to easily sit or get up from the toilet seat.

Grab Rails 

Grab rails have great importance while people suing the toilet as these grab rails can give enough support. You can fix them to the walls as fixed units, fold them down when in use and fold up afterward. We can see other types of grab rails in the form of vertical floor to ceiling poles that can be useful to people who have the adequate upper body strength to pull themselves from a sitting position. Go for online shopping of COMMODES TOILET AIDS FOR SENIORS


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