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Craig Bigelow | October 18, 2019

Dave Ramsey & Scott Pape are two of the most influential names in finance in the US and Australia. They have a lot of very similar suggestions with slight variations in the names of their philosophies. One of their shared views is using the multiple of salary method for determining how much Life Insurance you need. I struggled to find anything in The Barefoot Investor as to why this was recommended so I did some digging. In this video, I have answered the questions of why both Dave Ramsey and The Barefoot Investor suggest this multiple of salary method for insurance. If this video was helpful, subscribe here for regular insurance videos - http://bit.ly/TruePrideYT Don’t know how much insurance you need? Use this tool to get your personalised report - https://m.me/TruePrideAU

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Craig Bigelow

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When I was growing up I dreamt of being an adult, going to BBQ's and telling everyone that "I sell insurance for a living", that and playing Major League baseball! At least one of these has come true!

I started the business with a focus on "financial coaching". I got some really good results for my clients however I was finding the people I work with were already smart, motivated executives who instead of spending hundreds a month on a full coaching plan, really just needed some good foundation advice. I am now recording videos and sharing this for free.

The big gap, however, was providing a backup plan if something went wrong. They had some insurance through work provided when they started and since then, both their role and personal situation had become way more complex. Sound familiar?

My role is simple. Help you work out what you HAVE, what you NEED and how to get it DONE.

By focusing on insurance advice, I am always looking for ways to make a pretty dry and boring process more streamlined and pain-free. I treat every application as if it were my own and sit on your side against the insurance company to make sure we get the best outcome every time.

I'm looking forward to helping and being a part of this community!