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4 Great Ways To Rescue Your Top Performing Old Content

Andrew Jeffers | February 20, 2018

What are you doing with your top performing old content?

You most probably just let it sit there, right?

Let me tell you something, valuable content shouldn’t just sit and gather dust. Valuable content should be restored and repurposed. How?

I’m glad you asked because I have 4 great tips for you. I want to help you rescue your valuable content and get an even better performance out of it.

Call me an overachiever, but I can prove to you it can be done. Stick around and you’ll see how…

1. Pinpoint your top performing pages

How do you identify your best performing content?

Google Analytics can help you with this. Look for parameters like the number of impressions and engagements or conversion rate. High numbers here means performance.

These are the pages that deliver the most traffic to your website. These are your precious gems!

You’ve just identified your top pieces of content with amazing potential. Now what?

2. Simplify and refurbish your content

Let’s say your top performing page is a guide on “how to find the perfect job” in the form of a blog post.

Some great ways to clarify and repurpose your content would be:

Simplify the information and put it on an easy-to-follow slide presentation
Once you have your slides, you can easily turn them into an explanatory video
Use the pictures from your presentation to create quality images with short pieces of copy on them. Be creative!
Record an audio piece that you can easily turn into a podcast.

Now you have at least four new pieces of valuable refurbished content on your hands.

Don’t limit yourself to these 4 options, though. Your possibilities are endless. Research and be creative. You know your audience better. Don’t be afraid to experiment! And try to have some fun, of course.

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3. Share your content on popular platforms

Social media today is filled with amazing social platforms to help you get your content out for all the world to enjoy.

You may be a bit reserved about this one, but popular platforms can get you the visibility your content needs. First of all, they rank very well. Secondly, they have a huge audience. Are you convinced now?

One thing to consider before choosing your platforms is - different content goes on different platforms. Easy, right?

Which popular platforms to consider since there are so many on the market?

This is a good question. Let’s break the answer down to types of content, shall we?

For your slide presentation, you may consider LinkedIn’s SlideShare. A great platform for presentations, infographics and other types of documents.
Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia are great platforms to share your videos on.

One quick tip: make sure you self-host your video for about three months before you upload it to other platforms. This way you establish your authority over that piece of content.

Another great platform is Instagram. Could be a great opportunity for your photos to go viral if you hashtag them appropriately.
Don’t forget about Pinterest and Quora. They can provide a massive audience in need of answers and solutions. It’s exactly what your freshly restored content needs to shine.

4. Analyse your results

Make sure you never miss this step. It may sound boring but it’s crucial for deciding on the next steps for your digital marketing strategy.

Look at the number of viewed pages, time on site and bounce rate. Also, keep an eye on your referral websites. They all convey valuable information about which strategies have worked and which haven’t.

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In a nutshell...

At the end of this process, you will have a clear picture of what platforms work for you.

And there you have it, a significant chunk of your digital marketing strategy is already done. All with the help of your old content.

Now you know that your top performing old content has unlimited potential. Use it!

I can help you find the right strategies and social media channels for your content marketing strategy. Let’s get in touch now.

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