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SMSF Diaries Episode 1

James Wrigley | March 14, 2018

Super, property & borrowing. How it can all work very well together

About Me

James Wrigley

Current Rating: 4.91 / 5
Financial Planner
First Financial
Melbourne, Victoria
0422 354197
Father of two.

My love of numbers started way back in Primary School, I can remember doing really well on a maths test in grade one and my teacher at the time gave me some money to buy any icy pole as a reward - the proudest moment of my life up until that point!

As time went on I found myself helping people with their numbers, helping them study for their maths tests through high school or exam revision whilst at University. It was a natural progression that I found myself providing Financial Advice to a range of different people, of varying life stages. Be it singles, families, entrepreneurs, those approaching or in retirement, I now help a range of people on a daily basis - and I love it!

It's working with new people that I enjoy the most. Finding out what makes them tick. What are their proudest moments, their aspirations and frustrations. I then look partner with them, to develop a plan around making the most of the position they are in, so they can ultimately live the life of their choosing.

I provide proactive advice along the way, simplifying the complexities of the financial world. Allowing my clients to have the confidence to concentrate on what they do and enjoy best.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is something I can help you with.

Feel free to book a time to book at 30 min video meeting with me. You can book some time in my diary through the following link: