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Belinda Explains Why She Says You Should Choose MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers

Graham Doessel - CEO - MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers (LPH) | June 06, 2018

https://www.MyCRALawyers.com.au can help you remove defaults and credit enquiries. Tel 1300-667-218 Belinda had all sorts of issues trying to get her credit rating repaired by herself. She was referred to MyCRA Lawyers by her broker and we successfully removed her default allowing her to move on with her life. [UPDATE] A credit file with more than 4 credit enquiries in the last six months or six credit enquiries in the last 12 months is likely to result in an automatic decline of credit. MyCRA Lawyers can help you remove enquiries too... Call MyCRA Lawyers Today On 1300 667 218 Bad credit loans can be a thing of the past when you ask MyCRA Lawyers to remove your default with our unique default removal service, servicing Credit repair Brisbane, credit repair Sydney, credit repair melbourne, credit repair hobart, credit repair adelaide, credit repair perth, credit repair canberra, credit repair darwin, credit repair townsville, credit repair qld,credit repair nsw, credit repair vic, credit repair tas, credit repair act, credit repair sa, credit repair wa, credit repair nt, credit repain nz, credit repair wellington, credit repair auckland, credit repair queenstown, credit repair australia, credit repair in australia. Yes we service all of Australia and New Zealand and You can phone us Toll Free Now on 1300 667 218

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Graham Doessel - CEO - MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers (LPH)

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My focus is on helping get Good People out of Bad Situations, and this has been my passion since 1997 (full time since 2003).

Since 2009 my team and I have been focused on helping Brokers and their clients remove Defaults and Judgments so their client get's their loan, and the Broker gets adds another happy client to their repeat business client list!

Yes, I've been called a 'Champion For The Consumer' and I guess that's pretty much it. I go to bat to help the consumer by lifting the burden of Bad Credit, lift the weight of the world from their shoulders, and help them take the next step towards their desired outcome.