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Credit Repair Hints and Tips – remove unpaid defaults

Graham Doessel - CEO - MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers (LPH) | October 11, 2018

Q.   Can my unpaid default be removed from my credit file?

A.   Simple answer - YES!

1. Because we are a (the only) Specialist Credit Repair Law Firm, it is the default listing process that we investigate. 

2. MyCRA Lawyers audits the default listing process actually followed (or not followed) by your default listing creditor. 

3. MyCRA Lawyers looks for legislative errors and/or omissions (and finds in over 91.6% of cases). 

4. When MyCRA Lawyers finds these legislative errors or omissions in the way your default was listed, we compile a list of legislative breaches (it is not uncommon to have 14 legislative errors or omissions on a single default listing) and request (nice word for Demand) the immediate removal of the unlawfully listed default. 

5. Because it is the processes we are looking at, it is irrelevant whether or not the default is paid, HOWEVER... 

6. We STRONGLY recommend you pay an outstanding debt either as part of the default removal process, or shortly thereafter... WHY? 

7. Because, if we remove a default and the debt is unpaid, it is unlikely the default will be relisted however, the creditor can file a Claim and Statement of Claim with the Courts and not only ruin your credit rating again for a further five years, but also have the power of the Court behind them for between 12 to 15 years to chase you for the debt, and possibly have someone come to your home and take your 'stuff' (rules apply) to sell to try to recover the debt. 

8. So, if you legitimately owed the debt, you have three options: 

- Pay the debt as part of the removal process

- Organise a payment plan with your creditor

- Risk having your creditor sue you for the debt.  

So, the first step is to get a copy of your or your clients credit files from Equifax and Illion - We can get them for you... Do you have a current copy of your (or your Do you have a current copy of your (or your client's) credit file?  

Call MyCRA Lawyers on 1300 67 218 now to discuss further.

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