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Credit repair hints and tips - judgements

Graham Doessel - CEO - MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers (LPH) | October 09, 2018

Q.   How do I remove a Judgment today?

A.   There are a number of steps, so let's take a look at them...

1. Negotiate to get agreement with the Plaintiff to remove the Judgment by Consent - 1 to 7 days 

We protect our client’s interests with a Deed of Agreement between you (the Defendant) and the Plaintiff, valued at $998 – At no extra charge

2. File the paperwork with the Court to have the matter set aside and dismissed - 1 day 

We have the correct paperwork for each matter type for each Court in Australia, to ensure the correct paperwork is filed with the correct Court.

3. Wait for the Court to process the paperwork - 1 to 28 days 

The Court has up-to 28 days to process the filed paperwork. 

The time the Court takes will depend on the particular Court you file the paperwork with, and how busy that Court is at the time you file the paperwork. 

Any mistakes on your paperwork will mean the documents are returned and will reset the clock when you resubmit the corrected documents.

4. File the paperwork with the Credit Reporting Bodies (CRB) – 1 day 

Make sure you check Equifax and Illion Credit Files (as a minimum) for the file reference numbers you’ll need to file the additional correct documents required by the individual CRB.

MyCRA Lawyers has the correct paperwork, the contacts and the skill and experience to lodge the right documents with the CRB’s the first time!

5. Wait for confirmation from the CRB to confirm removal - ~ 10 days 

In most cases MyCRA Lawyers will receive notification within 10 days of the confirmation of removal of the Judgment

There are some legal considerations:

1. Only the Defendant, the Plaintiff or their Solicitor can legally prepare the Court documents - Penalty 2 year’s jail / $63,000 fine. See Legal Professions Act or equivalent.

2. If a Notice of Discontinuance (NOD) has been filed, you are likely to run into additional problems. A NOD was all that was needed up until May 2015.

So, the first step is to get a copy of your or your client’s credit files from Equifax and Illion - We can get them for you... Do you have a current copy of your (or your client's) credit file?  Call MyCRA Lawyers on 1300 67 218 now to discuss further.


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