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simplyaskit is an open and collaborative marketplace that empowers people to ask questions about financial, business and lifestyle topics and obtain the answers to make more informed decisions.

So many people are time poor, not sure who to ask or who to trust or just simply want a 2nd opinion so all you need to do is pick a category, ask a question and within 24 hours a range of independent industry experts will provide helpful and transparent answers.

As an open platform, you can access all questions and answers as well as the read and review the profiles of industry experts who have the expertise and offer great service.

Industry experts are able to create their own profile, answer questions, collaborate with the open community as well as generate new followers and new business. Experts can publish and promote their own content such as blogs, podcasts, vidoes, marketing material or business announcement that are not only distributed directly to their followers but can be shared virally by others. As a social networking resource, it is a more modern and efficient way to build trust across the community.

If you’ve got a question, simplyaskit.




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