simplyaskit meets Mortgage Broker Craig Nicholas from Mona Vale

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Welcome Craig

How long have you been a mortgage broker and where is your business located?

I have been in the mortgage industry since 1990. I’ve worked for a number of the major banks, several mortgage insurers and securitised funders Through my various roles I have managed many mortgage brokers and recently I decided it was about time to join my good friend, set up my own business and share my knowledge and experience.

My business is located in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

What is the name of your business?

Nicholas Financial Solutions

Is there a particular type of finance you specialise in?

I specialise in three key areas, helping people own their home sooner, debt consolidation and create wealth

What is it about being a mortgage broker you enjoy most?

Simplifying the mortgage process and showing people that they can own their own home sooner.

Which lenders do you feel provide the best service?

The best service usually comes from the smaller lenders as they are more nimble and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

What is the property market like in your region?

The market on the Northern Beaches has been quite buoyant over the past 5 years. Houses have enjoyed solid growth and there has been an influx of units as people are attracted to the lifestyle on the beaches and have been able to secure a lower entry point.

Are there any particular suburbs you think would represent growth opportunities for homeowners?

There’s been a lot of new investment and infrastructure built at Dee Why Grand and the new development projects are due to complete shortly and should present a reasonable return.

There is some really good value in the suburbs just back from the beaches. Suburbs like Forestville, Cromer and Davidson are well worth a look and the price softening in Balgowlah could deliver some prime properties at very competitive prices.
What’s the one aspect of a loan all borrowers should be aware of?

That interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.  So many borrowers overlook this aspect of a home loan. The compounding effect of incremental gains by making additional payments through the month means borrowers can optimise their home loan and pay it off more quickly.

I make a point of going through this process with every client I meet. Everyone borrower wants to be debt free and own their own home

What are your favourite hobbies?

Surfing, Ocean Swimming, AFL and holidaying with my family.

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