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Q: Will banks take my centrelinks payments into consideration as income ?
A: Some lenders do accept Centrelink payments but it depends on many factors like type of pension, if it is family allowance the age of the children. In any case it is important to have the document from Centrelink with payment details. Most lenders will or accept Centrelink on its own as a loan will not service in Centreljnk income alone so it will need to be supported with some other income too.
Q: Can someone please advise the advantages doctors get with homeloan mortgages, and/or point me in the direction or a broker/financial advisor in Perth that specialises in doctor loans?
A: Hi Rhys most mortgage brokers have this information you just need to talk to a broker who will provide all this information to you.
Q: What lenders cap LMI above 95% for Owner Occupier, other than BoQ to 99%, Bankwest to 98%?
A: Bank of Australia allow fully capped LMI Jodi and I am not sure about Beyond Bank and also Liberty do and will accept non gen savings.
Q: My Home Loan has been on a fixed interest rate since I obtained it nearly 2yrs ago. This is due to expire in August and I need to decide to either remain on fixed or go to variable?
A: Hi Glenn - whatever you decide fixed or variable it is important to get a broker to negotiate on your behalf with your current lender don't accept the advertised rates with the main lenders as you can negotiate with most of them. Re deciding fixed or variable you may be a bit early and need to decide closer to the time eg a month beforehand. I hope this info helps.