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Habib Bulut

Finance Broker
Resource Finance
Sunshine North, Victoria

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Q: Hi I have client they are both first home buyers brother and sister. They both going to purchase owner occupied property together jointly. Can both claim first Home Owners Grant so they can use for deposit?
Q: Hi can someone tell me how can I remove commercial default in my Veda report? Is there a way to take to the court get an order to remove it.
Q: Hi my friend earns $1800 p/w from Uber and He is been driving Uber one year full time. Can he get a home loan with Uber income?
Q: My parents have a defaults and they want to guarantor for me. I qualify for FHOG. My deposit coming from my parents. I earn $1700 p/f before tax. I have a car loan but this is for my dad. Bought 3yrs ago $20k now owing $15k. Can I get a homeloan?