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Mireille Salloum

Real Estate Agent
Examine Property
Parramatta, New South Wales
Examine Property is a research based property investment firm that assists the clients of financial industry professionals to educate themselves and make informed decisions that suit their financial situation.

We believe it is not the role of the real estate agent to determine whether investing in property is right for you. Our team work in conjunction with your trusted advisers to find property options that suit your pre-determined personal and financial goals and objectives.Purchasing investment property is one of the largest financial decisions an investor will make in their lifetime. The timing of the purchase is pivotal and can affect the short, medium and long term growth of your property portfolio.

Understanding the 18 year property cycle is pivotal to the performance of not only property assets, but all assets in your portfolio. Many successful share traders study the property cycle to give them the buy and sell signals for shares, commodities and other assets.

Australia is a geographically large country with a diverse economy, and as such each region can be in a different stage of the 18 year property cycle. This presents opportunities for educated investors to achieve above average capital growth.

My Activity

Q: I have a total of $50k saved up and I'm a first home buyer looking to get into the property market. Is now a good time to buy in Sydney? And if not, where can you recommend I consider looking instead? Or should I just wait?
A: Hi Victoria,

Sydney is a hot market and is at its mid-cycle high, so from that stance, I would say this isn't the best time to enter the Sydney market. Given that lending restrictions on investor borrowing and an interest rate hike for investors is suggestive of a potential market slow down, you may see the market go sideways or a slight decrease in prices (more so in the outer ring 25km+ out of the CBD) in the next couple of years.

I would suggest being very careful entering remote areas as an investor or markets reliant on one industry such as mining as they are volatile markets or may take a long time to achieve the infrastructure and investment required for growth. We focus on the Eastern Seaboard namely Australia's largest capital cities when it comes to population, jobs, diversity, income and infrastructure which includes Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but dependent on where each area is at in the property cycle. I would be very selective, even then around what you buy and where.

Lastly, congratulations on saving the $50K. Dependant on your capacity for saving or how quickly you can save another $50K, I'd say you would be better placed to buy with less mortgage insurance and less risk (given stamp duty and buying costs may chew up a fair bit of your savings). I would consider having a chat with a good financial planner and determining your goals - come up with a solid plan around what needs to be done so you are in the best place you can be financially and strategically to buy... Once they assess you, it's worth speaking to an investment property specialist who wont sell you the wrong over priced properties in the wrong areas. I'm happy to have a chat with you when that time comes. In the mean time, feel free to check out what we do at www.examineproperty.com.au

Q: Looking for advice around the best potential structure for a company so that its assets are protected. Some accountants have suggested:

1. Setting up a private company and allocating its shares to a discretionary trust
2. Setting up a private company and allocating its shares to a discretionary trust where the trustee is a private company
3. Setting up a private company and allocating its shares to a discretionary trust where the trustee is another discretionary trust

Which do you recommend?
Q: Hi Guys, I currently earn about $80K PA, my wife earns about $25K PA. Im 50 and my wife is 48. We have a standard fixed home loan of $470K. I have $600K invested. Car loan of $70K and a credit card with $25K max, $7K owing. Ive just done my 2016 tax return and have to pay the ATO back $6K :( They now also want me to advance quarterly payments of $2K starting in July. WTF!!! What can I do to reduce my income tax??? I am definitely not a rich man, but Im sure the ATO think I am!!! HELP??
A: Hi and great question! We feel your pain. Of your $600k invested - is any of this in property? If so are you managing to claim any depreciations on your investment?