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I have a 216 Dollars paid default that I got from origin energy in 2016 as I moved my house and didnt find out abt the bill until I got the call from the debt collector and was paid straight away.
My question is, I have my own cleaning business that has gross income of around 90000.
I want to buy a brand new car worth 50 to 60k next year around May or June.
How hard it will be for me to get the car loan if I come up with 10 to 15 k deposit aswell.
Also, how hard will it be for me to get a 1000 or 2000 dollars limit credit card from my bank like right now.
I just dont wanna try if it's going to get rejected as that affects the score, I've been told.
Any help will be appreciated.

last month

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. There was a mobile speeding camera that was attached to the car and it was at night time that I went past it at the opposite direction. Now, my question is, because I was going opposite direction, and their was a very island in the middle of the road with big trees that was separating the road, do you think the speeding camera would of caught me if I was speeding (considering there was a long island in the middle of the road with trees in the way)?

5 months ago
Andrea P.
Andrea P.
Yennora, NSW

Hi, I'm a locum Optometrist who does itinerant work (for different companies in different locations when they need me). I've just recently purchased a new car. Currently, in the process of setting up loan structure as i am financing to maximise the benefits as a travelling optometrist. Someone has mentioned to agree to a 'lease contract' so as to tax ddeduct the whole amount of the vehicle? This is opposed to actually owning the vehicle at the end by paying it off? Thoughts?

9 months ago
Julia J.
Julia J.
Silverwater, NSW

My car has been hitten by another car while I was waiting for the traffic light about 10days ago. I only have third party cover insurance, car driver who hitted my car said it is company car so he will submit the form when he goes to work. I’ve contacted insurance company which that car has insured, but they are saying there is no claim have been submitted. I contacted the driver but he is saying that he submitted the form to cfo, nothing he can do at the moment. What should I do now?

11 months ago