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Further to my philosophical rant about corporate tax rates, what does everyone think about individual tax rates??? Is the marginal tax system the best tax system??? are the rates and margins right? Should the wealthy end of town pay more? Do low income earners pay enough??? Is the current system of rebates and government benefits based on income too complicated?? (YES!!!) Should families be taxed as "families" not as "individuals"????

2 days ago
Michael B.
Michael B.
Sydney, NSW


What are the tax implications if assets are used to repay a debt instead of an actual cash payment?

An example below:

A loan is provided by party A of $10,000 with 20% interest to party B.

Party B cannot repay and so they hand over a car valued at $12,000 to party A and the agreement is extinguished. No cash has changed hands.

Does party A have to put their hand in their pocket and pay tax after receiving the car?

Thank you.

2 days ago
Andrew B.
Andrew B.
Abbotsford, NSW


I am currently paid $243,000 per annum and I am expecting an offer of redundancy in the coming weeks. I am unsure of what my tax position will be if I accept the offer. I have worked for 12 years in my current employment.

My employer provides a calculator to work out what the redundancy payment will be. However, they have told me that any offer of redundancy is not finalised until the day the offer is made. The calculator tells me that I should expect the following:

Notice Period Entitlement: $29,600
Severance Payment: $158,500
Annual Leave Entitlement: $15,000
LSL Entitlement: $41,500
Estimated Gross Payment: $244,600

Will I be paying full tax on this payment? Someone mentioned to me that I will pay concessional tax – what does that mean?

3 days ago
Louise L.
Louise L.
Marsden, QLD

My partner and I recently started out in a turf laying business. We are contracted work by a turf supplying company, he then pays the boys a gross income as they are running under an ABN like us.
We are not particularly well off and we don’t make a profit, just a living.
I’m just wondering if there is anyone that is willing to offer a bit of beginners advice on how and where things need to be lodged in regards to BAS, Tax Returns, etc ? I’m not needing someone to do it for me, just rather guide me.
Any help would be sincerely appreciated and I understand it is only an opinion, not professional advice.
Kind regards,

6 days ago

Does someone (not working) need to lodge a tax return?

Circumstances: Over 65 and retired. Approx. $10,000 of investment income (including franking credits) plus an additional $10,000 of assessable capital gains (after 50% discount).

So, with SAPTO and LITO, they won't have to pay any tax. But, their total income is over the $18,200 tax free threshold.

On the ATO website on the 'do you need to do a tax return' tool, one of the things says "Does dividends and distributions exceed $18,200"? and if you pick yes, then it says you do need to do a tax return. Dividends/distributions haven't exceeded $18,200 but they've had a capital gain that has resulted in taxable income being over $18,200.

So, do they need to lodge a return or can they just submit a franking credit refund form for their franking credits?



6 days ago
Toni B.
Toni B.
Drummoyne, NSW

Hi, I set up my own contracting business in April this year and have quite a bit of money owing with invoices due to be paid. When I left my old job in March I had quite a bit of holiday pay owing and paid more tax than normal so if the money owed to the business comes in after 30 June will it need to be included in this year’s tax returns as the invoices were dated pre 30 June?

last week

This is my favourite story about a taxpayer who walked in planning on going to jail and walked out the happiest man in Lake Macquarie.
Ron (whose name has been changed for obvious reasons) had failed to lodge a tax return for 17 years 17 YEARS!!!!!!! He got busy for a few years and kept putting it off and then got nervous about being late and getting fines, so he just stopped altogether, and the longer this went on the more terrified he became about getting in trouble, and the less likely he was to get his affairs in order.
Meanwhile, his wife Jill, who had no clue what was going on, kept all his receipts in a shoebox, with his group certificate and bank statements every year and gave it to him on an RDO and told him to go get his shit sorted. Every year
You know what Ron did???? He went to the pub, every year and every year he would sit at the pub staring at his shoebox of pain and consider how much he would enjoy sharing a cell with Bubba. and then he would go home, tell Jill he was all sweet and the refund was on its way........he even gave Jill a bit of cash every year to perpetuate the myth, a few weeks later.
So after 17 years of living in terror, Ron finally worked up the courage to come have a quiet chat with me......and he was seriously the most miserable-looking bloke you could ever see in a reception.....you would have thought I was gonna tie the noose around his neck.
Ron had no idea that for each and every year he was entitled to a refund, and as it turned out, it was not an insubstantial refund for each year.....because god bless his employer, who failed to update his tax tables regularly, so the PAYG W was overcooked by a significant margin.
So when I did all his returns and called him in to get the news, he came in, sat down and sighed and then said, "right son....what is the damage?"
"Well, Ron, after claiming all your work-related deductions, and taking into account rebates and whatnot, the total amount is $42,000"
"$42,000!!!!! Where am I gonna find $42,000???? My missus is gonna KILL me!!!"
"No Ron, I think you misunderstood me mate. It’s a $42,000 REFUND mate."
Ron got himself a new set of dentures, took his wife on a long-overdue holiday, and paid a big chunk off his home loan.
Needless to say, Ron is now my first tax return each and every year now.
Good old Ron......puts a smile on my face every time I see him. He is my biggest fan, and I get a kick out of seeing him every year!!

3 weeks ago

I have just started working for a new employer as a full time Sales Representative and the employer is paying fortnightly a car allowance reimbursement. Car allowance of $20k annually which also includes fuel and running costs. I am not sure if I should purchase a new or used car or lease a car and which is the best option tax wise, given the car will be used for business purposes 80- 90% time? Thank you Gen.

3 weeks ago
Fiona N.
Fiona N.
Pascoe Vale, VIC

Hi there, I was made redundant 4 months ago and had a novated lease with my previous employer. I have now been offered a 'vehicle hand back option' regarding the car from the Lease Protection insurance company. They will cover up to 25k (less car payments and petrol costs already paid) if I hand back the car to the financier. The current payout figure is 39k on a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Is there anything I need to consider before I decide?

3 weeks ago