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Corina C.
Corina C.
Perth, WA

What lenders cap LMI above 95% for Owner Occupier (NOT first home buyer), other than BoQ and Bankwest?

12 months ago


Virgin Money - 95% plus full LMI cap

Happy to discuss further with you!


What's their interest rate? Any application fee?

You sound like a broker :)

Policy inline with applicants goals will need to be factored in.

There are several others than the ones mentioned. Contact me for further details.


Liberty will also do 95% plus full LMI cap


What's their interest rate? Any application fee?

Hi Corina,

It depends on your particular situation. Liberty have a rate for risk model as they will lend to people who fall outside of the normal lending criteria.

Assuming you have perfect credit history, long term full time employment you would probably be looking at an interest rate of around 4.99% plus a minimum application fee of $995 plus a valuation fee of around $350.

All the above numbers are general numbers your specific situation will affect the interest rate and fees.

Another option to consider is Keystart, they will go up to 98% LVR, no LMI and they do not just cater for first home buyers.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss if you have any questions.

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