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Fiona D.
Fiona D.
Port Melbourne, VIC

What is the quickest and easiest way to get from Rome airport to Positano with an infant?

3 months ago


Bus or train. I’ve done both but I think the bus would be the best as not only are the views magnificent but I got dropped off right at hotel. That may vary depending on where you are staying. Otherwise with an infant maybe a cab but unsure of your budget.

Hi Fiona, here's some feedback we received directly from the simplyaskit community...

"Quickest and easiest will be a taxi but if budget is a factor consider the train to Salerno then ferry to Positano. It's a fast train from Rome to Salerno then about a 400m walk from the station to the ferry terminal. You also need to consider where you are staying in Positano as you could be facing a steep walk uphill from the ferry terminal to your accommodation."

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