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Chris T.
Chris T.
Edgecliff, NSW

We have been discussing school holiday options for our young family, 2 kids 9 and 7..... does anyone have a hidden gem within 3 hours of Sydney they would be happy to recommend?

6 months ago


Laook at anywhere from the south end of Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens. Fishing, bushwalks, moutain biking, beaches, hire a boat and rip around Lake Macquarie, swim with sharks, surfing, fancy-pants restaurants and cafes everywhere, the Port of Newcastle is unbelievable now. go carts, laser tag, crazy high rope climbing in the bush (the kids will looooove it). Reptile park is on the way up here. Wineries not far away aither!! No crazy traffic and pretty much everyone is laid back. You can almost always get a park AT THE BEACH!!!
but dont tell anyone ok??? The genuine locals think that Newcastle is some sort of State Secret so tell them you live in Kahibar when tehy ask where youre from hahahaha

Hi Chris

If you are just wanting to chill and have family time we’ve always found Smiths Lakes to be very relaxing. It is about 3 hours north of Sydney and 30 odd minutes before Forster. Great for water sports on the Lake, fishing and bushwalking and a couple of good beaches close by.

Limited restaurants, cafes, bars and wifi (might be worth BYO dongle) but a good spot to make your own fun.



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