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Phillip W.
Phillip W.
Emu Plains, NSW

I am 54 and my super is about $220,000. I own my home and have an investment property in Bathurst worth about $200,000.

There has been very little capital gain as it needs a bit of work.

I want to retire at 60…. should I sell Bathurst and put it all into my super?

12 months ago


Hi Phillip,

anyone who can give you a straight answer based on the info you have provided is a charletan or a moron. There are sooooo many things to consider here it would be impossible for someone to get even close to a proper response.

what do you do?
how much do you earn?
are you married?
life insurance?
What CGT considerations do you need to think about on the Bathurst house?
do you want to downsize?
what lifestyle are you hoping to acheive in retirement?
get yourself in front of a GOOD planner and a GOOD accountant and get the right advice about what you can and cannot do
also take into account RISK!!!! because if you want to live like a king in retirement but dont have the ability to do so now, then you will be tempted to look at high return investments to bulk up super in retirement.......DONT!!!! I have seen too many people in their mid 50's take a risk and lose far more than they can afford to.

the sooner you get a master plan together then better your retirement is going to be. It will cost you money for good advice, but that will pay for itself very quickly.

good luck

Hi Phillip,

As per Brendan’s comment it’s impossoble to answer that question given the little information you’ve provided.

It would normally take me an hour or more of discussion with you in an initial meeting to start deciphering what may be best for your circumstances.

Please pay for good advice. You need an accountant and Fiancial Adviser working together for your best outcome.

Happy to chat over the phone if you need some help.

03 9909 5800

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