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Nick P.
Nick P.
Bathurst, NSW

We own our home and investment properties worth about $1M ..no debt. I have only been in my job for 2 years so don’t have any long service leave. My wife and I are 57 and in good health and thinking about travelling for 12 months, we have have 50k in savings. Where is the best place to get a return in the rental income while we are away?

12 months ago


Hi Nick,
Great to see you in a strong financial position and planning to get out and live a little while you can. I’m not an adviser and would need much more information to help guide your decision. With 12 months or less to invest and not a huge amount of capital to get started, I would recommend something like an ING high interest on-line account. Speak to a trusted advisor and discuss your longer term goals and risk appetite before going too far down the path
Best of luck and have an awesome holiday

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