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Theo S.
Theo S.
Chipping Norton, NSW

Can I ask what the best 3-year fixed rate is for the property I live in and can I pay extra into the loan when by bonus comes through?

9 months ago


Hi Theo

There are plenty of competitive fixed 3 year rates at the moment starting from 3.69%, it all depends on your individual situation as to which lenders you qualify with and what your long term goals are. Some have 40-100% offset accounts, most have no offset but allow up to $30k in additional repayments during the fixed period. Each lender is different.
Best to speak to a Mortgage Broker who can help you choose the most suitable product.
Kind regards
Caroline Pollard

Hi Theo

Thanks for your inquiry. The best rate would be based on your individual circumstances. it is pointless quoting a rate until we fully understand your financial position.

We are not that far from you; so would be more than happy to meet up with you to discuss further. Please feel free to book in a date and time that is suitable to you by clicking on the following link:-



Sam Zammit
South West Lending Solutions
1800 824 325

Good afternoon Theo,

There are some really great three fixed rates available at the moment as everyone’s alluded to.

Many of them start with a 3 if your looking at principal and interest repayments. After all, the banks have a very strong appetite for owner occupied lending due to recent changes in regulatory changes to investment lending. You are in a very good position indeed.

As the team have advised above, most fixed rate loans LIMIT the amount of additional repayments you can make in the year/ fixed rate period with the standard around $10,000 per annum. Sometimes the lender will penalise you if you pay more than this amount as it affects the returns they pay to their investors.

It would be a great idea to calculate how much anticipated bounds you may accumulate over the fixed rate period and set up a standard variable split for that amount so you can, without penalty, make additional repayments & start owing your home sooner.

Of course, with more than 53% of ALL mortgage originations coming through brokers I commend you to connect with an experienced finance professional who can show you how, in this instance, own your home sooner & pay that mortgage off.

Most will understand - or want a home - not a home loan!

Thanks for asking this question - it is a really good one to ask at this time (with rates so low!)

Oh, one last thought, If your thinking 3 years fixed, make sure you diarise everywhere that at the end of 2.5years you start looking at rates again to ensure you don’t get “rate shock” was it rolls off onto a variable rate that may be higher.

I trust this stimulates some further thought and wish you well.


Craig Nicholas
0481 383 490


This is great... very informative - thanks Craig

Hi Theo,
I can recommend Sam to you.
In addition to be a first rate broker, he lives close by, so that is an added convenience.
I know he will do the right thing by you.

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