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Rebecca  J.
Rebecca J.
East Killara, NSW

I am looking for a small business tax adviser that understands fintech startups and the concessions and grants that are available and also research and development in investment start up businesses?

last week



We were made for each other. I have a Msc in e-commerce as well as accounting qualifications. I have got clients R & D grants and we can meet at the greengate at Killara to strategise.;)

Contact me ..


Hi Rebecca

Congratulations on your new business, an exciting time no doubt.

Kelly + Partners is an ASX listed Chartered Accounting Network with 12 offices throughout NSW and one in Hong Kong, and a number of specialists in the areas you’ve identified in your question. Our head office is close by at North Sydney and we have one at Brookvale also.

As a coordinated network we’d love to meet with you to discuss the business, outline the options available and hopefully build a working partnership together.

Best wishes


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