Reduce your bills by filling up on Tuesdays and other out of the box money hacks

By Bessie Hassan

Having a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to saving money is a skill that will serve you well, no matter how much you earn. Whether it’s saving on your fuel costs, picking up reward points for heading to the gym or paying no interest on your credit card, there are so many money-saving opportunities that you can enjoy if you’re prepared to think outside of the box.

Read on to find out which money hacks you can use right now.

1. Fill up on Tuesdays

Those of us who drive will know that filling up with petrol each week can make a big dent in our budgets, so finding a way to reduce our fuel bill is key. It’s no secret that petrol prices peak during busier periods like the weekend (especially long weekends and school holidays), so avoid filling up on the weekend if you can.

Instead, see if you can fill up your tank on Tuesdays, as this is when petrol normally reaches the lowest point in its price cycle. Comparing prices at local stations is another easy way to reduce your fuel bill, even if it means driving that little bit further.

2. Score reward points next time you visit the cinema

When you buy an Event Cinemas or HOYTS voucher online or in-store, you can earn points for each dollar you spend. For example, Woolworths Rewards members can earn 1 point per dollar spent on Event Cinemas and HOYTS e-gift cards.

Also, if you join the HOYTS Rewards program, you’ll be eligible for discounted tickets and Candy Bar promotions. You can also join the HOYTS Silver program for 10% back in HOYTS dollars on certain purchases.

3. Be rewarded for breaking a sweat

Gyms and wellness centres are now offering incentives to recruit new members, such as the ability to earn reward points.

For instance, if you sign up with Virgin Active and go to the gym three times each work, you’ll receive 250 Velocity Points each month. And if you’re a new member, for the first four months of your membership, if you meet the minimum 12-visit threshold, you’ll enjoy 10,000 Velocity Points.

4. Don’t exchange money at the airport

If you’re heading overseas, avoid exchanging money over-the-counter at the airport or at your hotel. As these places are conveniently located, most exchange counters at major airports and hotel chains will have unfavourable exchange rates, which means it’s more expensive for you to exchange your money.

If you’re going on a trip, consider which travel money options you would like to use well in advance and think about capitalising on a favourable exchange rate before you jump on the plane. For example, right now the AUD is at a two-year high against the US greenback, so if you’re thinking of heading to the United States anytime soon, now would be a good time to exchange your money.

5. Be smart with your plastic debt

Making overpayments on your credit card bill or applying for a balance transfer product are two ways that you can get ahead on your debt. A balance transfer allows you to shift your existing debt onto a card with a lower interest rate (and in some cases, a 0% interest rate for a given period of time). The idea is that you repay as much of your debt as you can during the interest-free timeframe so that you can minimise your overall interest costs and pay your debt off sooner.

For many of us, juggling everyday expenses can be a challenge. But if you start to think of new and creative ways to save and if you keep up to speed with the latest industry trends, you’ll be able to seize more money-saving opportunities whenever they arise.

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By Bessie Hassan
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