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  • I want to get into the property market but can’t seem to save enough to buy in Sydney. I’ve saved $20k and was thinking if I should use the money to buy an investment property in the country?


  • If you have a variable home loan and interest rates increase, does your repayment amount stay the same and just the interest portion of the repayment amount increase?


  • Hi has anyone had any dealings with U- Bank?  Good or bad? Im thinking about refinancing my home loan with them for their online rate of 3.74%.


  • I am a franchisor. New franchisees need to pay between $20k and $35k to join the group. What’s the best way to arrange to finance this fee as a new franchisee?


  • I have been searching the comparison websites for the cheapest home loan rate and found an online lender at 3.63%. Does that mean I can’t use a mortgage broker to help me through the loan process ?


  • What types of facilities are available to borrow money to use for share trading/investing? Do I need to give property equity, or will the shares be sufficient as collateral? What is the cheapest option to ensure the greatest overall result back to me?



  • How come when borrowing money using the equity in my property to invest in shares the interest rate is different to that of my home loan?


  • Does the term of my home loan always have to be 30 years? What if I want to put some pressure on myself to pay it back earlier?


  • I have two ABNs – a sole trader and a company. Same business, one followed the other. Do invoices issued under the first ABN have to be accounted for in the BAS for that entity, or can they be shifted to the company BAS if paid after it was set up?


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