How simplyaskit helps us all make more informed decisions

By Paul Ryan

We all want industry experts to be genuine, reliable and trustworthy. It’s why I started simplyaskit

A simple Q&A exchange where anyone can ask questions, get the right advice and connect with the experts who offer the great advice.

There are so many questions people want to and should be asking. Asking questions and getting advice on home loans, finance, superannuation, insurance, real estate, tax, accounting, law, cars and business helps consumers and the community make more informed decisions.

The use of the word community is important as simplyaskit is not a gated platform where you have to be connected to access information.

As an open community, everyone can see the questions and review all the answers.

You may come across a question relevant to your own personal situation and the answers may help or encourage you to ask further questions. You are able to access the expert’s profile and if you feel you’d like further assistance you can make contact with the expert who has provided the great advice.

Simply, simplayskit brings consumers, business owners and future customers closer to the best experts in the marketplace.

We often don’t ask enough questions before we buy, engage an expert or make a decision.

We’re time poor and don’t get around to making the calls, sending emails or searching the internet.  In many cases, some just don’t know who to ask or sadly, trust an industry.

I often ask people if they can remember the name of the expert who’d previously helped them and always amazed when often they can’t. It means the experience and service was not as memorable as it should have been.

So with simplyaskit that all changes, as soon as a question pops into your head, simply ask it.

All you need to is pick the category, post the question and in a short period of time, you’ll receive a range of transparent solutions from independent industry experts, free of charge.

It might be while you are reading a book, over a glass of wine or at a BBQ, simplyaskit is in the palm of your hands and please remember there is no such thing as a bad, poor or silly question.

When it comes to financial, personal and lifestyle choices it’s important to make informed decisions. We all make better decisions when we ask more questions.

Everyone has a voice, it’s that simple.



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By Paul Ryan