After my first experience with simplyaskit, I’m a convert

By Camille Drury

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Home loans, Mortgages, Real Estate, Superannuation, Insurance, The Stock Market, Financial Planning.

For me, when trying to navigate these fields I suddenly find myself closely relating to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ peering down the rabbit hole; I’m in a complete state of perplexity and anxiety as to where to start.

I’ve been confused by whom to ask, what to ask, how to ask, and so have been too fearful to take any action at all and avoided doing so (whenever possible). Until now…

I recently heard about simplyaskit and after my first experience…I’m a convert!

It is the latest Q&A platform, where you can ask financial, business and legal questions covering a range of industry sectors, including home loans, superannuation, financial planning, insurance, real estate, accounting, bookkeeping, legal, and conveyancing…and within minutes, you will receive your answer by one or more advisors in that field…completely free of charge!

What makes simplyaskit a winner is not only the ability to access free advice anytime, anywhere but your profile is confidential.

On the flip side, industry experts are clearly identified as they answer questions, share their business details and look to build relationships with members of the community. Simplyaskit places us in the driver’s seat.

As someone from Generation Y, I understand we’re famous for wanting instant gratification, being technology-addicted, lazy and having financial issues. This is why I believe simplyaskit is perfect for us.

I’m looking to purchase my first apartment in the near future. The problem is my many questions, regarding how I navigate this purchase, never come up at the opportune time; I’m usually watching television, at a café or at the gym when I remember, “I must ask someone about that!” Additionally, I’m never too keen to speak to an industry expert too quickly, when I myself am uneducated within the area.

So I took simplyaskit for a test drive. I loved browsing through to see what others had asked and benefited from answers to questions that I hadn’t even thought to ask.

But the best surprise of all was the very quick, thorough, and multiple responses to my question….all while I was still sitting on the couch!

This is one app that will be a regular fixture on my homepage…it’s a life-saver!

By Camille Drury
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